Jul 06

Is SHOUTcast compatible with SAM Broadcaster?
Yes, SHOUTcast Servers are fully compatible with SAM.

Jul 23

Use your DSP’s „legacy mode“ (for SHOUTcast version 1.9.8 and not the new ver. 2), please. So it should not ask for your username when you setup your DSP.

Check out the screenshot here, please.

Mai 21

This is because of your limited upload bandwidth.
So do not up- or download files while you are on the air.
Also try to lower your bitrate!
If you use wireless LAN also try a different channel as your neighbor may use the same channel: try to use channel 1, 6 or 12(us) or 13 (EU). If that does not help you should switch to ethernet.

Apr 03

Feb 24

Answer: Simply teleport to your server’s touchscreen. Touch it once to unlock the touchscreen and click on START for each server, please.

Okt 21

Some customers want/have to use the IP address directly:

Open your shopping-bag-webpage to find out your server’s IP, please.

Okt 15

Get twice for your money!
Here you even get access to a second server you can use in case of emergency!
The backup server is always located within a different serverroom in a differen city.
(No server has 100% uptime over several years.) In case of an outage you could simply replace your address with the address of your backup server to switch to your backup server. Same port, same password!
Also update the address within your parcel music url.
And no, you do not have to shudown your backup server. Simply let it run! So you can switch fast.

PS: Switch to your backup server once to test it, please!

Sep 11

Do you use Traktor? If so icecast is what you want. Try one.


Icecast servers are available here.

The username to use one of those icecasts is „source“!

You have to choose a name for your mountpoint when you setup your icecast-connection.
If your mountpoint’s name was set to „/listen.mp3“ your ingame music url was:
(If is the address of your mainserver.)

Jun 03

Click on „get password“.

Mai 24

Watch the current bandwidth usage yourself in realtime.
You can watch the bandwidth usage within the store here:

Each server is connected to the internet with 100Mbit/s. (mega bit)
That equals to 12500KiB (kilo byte) <- Used unit by the bandwidth monitors. even has 250MBit/s


So if the sum of TX (transmit) and RX (receive) was higher than 12500 the server would be a bottleneck and your stream may skip. In that case I would add more servers and rebalance the workload.

Mai 10

Answer: Here you do not get a notecard! All you need is displayed within the text over your box!
Unable to find your box? Please, visit the in-game store. It will help you automatically.

Also give your online-shopping-bag-webpage a visit. (Touch your in-game shopping bag for your private URL.)
Here you can find a list of your servers and everything you need to know to connect to your server as source and listener. There is also a link to teleport in front of each server’s touchscreen.

Mrz 21

Could not create listener socket on port … (icecast2 server)

FAQ, icecast Kommentare deaktiviert für Could not create listener socket on port … (icecast2 server)

Question: Icecast server returns „Could not create listener socket on port …“ when I click on start within the in-game dialog-menu.
Answer: In this case the server is already up (so the socket is in use). Check its webpage and if it is up you can connect to your server with your client.

Mrz 02

Users must be registered and logged in to comment.

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BLOG USAGE: Due to too much spam users must be registered and logged in to comment.

Dez 28

If you want to have a higher max count of listeners you can just let me know!
I do upgrade your box for free during your current lending period so your settings would not change!
Downgrade costs 100L$

(Well you can also book another server which supports less or more listeners yourself so you would not need to ask me.)

Dez 15

You can download the free version of Winamp and install the jetcast or any other shoutcast plugin to become the source of your radio station.

Nov 30

Beside Nicecast…

…there is also Muse which is for free
(Also for available for linux!)

…and macamp which is for free, too.

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Nov 22

[11:28] Zuhan Tomcat: hi does anybody know a windows shoutcast client which supports the mic and is for free?
[11:31] S. S.: there is a mic feature in winamp
[11:32] P. J.: some plugin for winamp i think too
[11:32] Joran Yoshikawa: Mh there is a plugin with micfeature in winamp
[11:32] Joran Yoshikawa: It is one of the shoutcast Streamers
[11:32] Joran Yoshikawa: let me check rea fast
[11:35] Joran Yoshikawa: this plugin features a mic support
[11:35] Joran Yoshikawa:

Nov 22

When you set your server to be public it is listed on
Note: You do not need to set it to „public“ if you want to use your server for private use only. (Such as listening to music with your friends only.)
Public usage (public internet radio) may need a licence if you stream protected music by others.
If you perform live or stream your gig or only use your server with friends only you do not need to have a licence.

A real internet radio licence is available for 1 EUR / day (GEMA) via the gema webstore. Let me know if you have any question.

Regards, Zuhan Tomcat.

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Nov 22

Yes, you can use the second output to setup your backupserver. So you can switch fast in case of emergency.
Please, do not use auto-connect if it is the backupserver! Thank you.
Zuhan Tomcat

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Nov 22

Please, use something higher such as 96kbit/s or 128kbit/s.
24kbit/s does not work in-game and may let the player get stuck so you would even need to restart SL if you want to listen to streams using your SL-client.
Regards Zuhan Tomcat

Nov 11

I do refund for no reason within 14 days after your first booking.
I also do refund if your main- and backupserver is offline at the same time.

(Please, read on here if you do not know how to startup your backupserver.)

Nov 11

Please, touch your box once and click on „status“.
You can also open its webpage via the menu, too. If the page is white or if it says „server temporally down“ the DJ is not yet connected!
Once the source is connected the webpage is up and you can login there as „admin“ with your password.

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Nov 11

Green text indicates that this server is available for booking.
White text indicates that this server is already booked.
Red text indicates that the in-game-box is using the backupserver and you can start, stop and request the backupserver’s status via its dialog-menu now.

Nov 11

I do recommend to use the domainnames has address has address has address

Traktor users have to use the IPs listed here!!!

Nov 09

When you setup your client (such as winamp via CTRL-P->plugins->dsp/effects) to connect to your server (as the source of your stream),
please, check your connection settings:
Within the server’s address DO NOT USE http in front of your address and put the port into its seperate field.

Nov 09

Please, reset your password within your client’s settings. DO NOT USE copy’n’paste! Normally it is a blank character within your password somewhere.

If you clicked on ‚reset password‘ you would have to restart each server as well in order to apply the new password. (Please, use your in-game touchscreen.) The webpage will be updated within one hour. You can use your touchscreen to get the current password.

Nov 09

Yes, open your server’s webpage and click on ‚admin login‘. Use ‚admin‘ as username and your password.

Nov 09

A streaming server’s webpage is up when the DJ is connected to the server. So if you get a blank page (or if it says ’server down‘) the server is running but the DJ is not yet connected.