Feb 26

Visit your online shopping bag to get the current address.
Use the button beside each server to get a predefined subject (port and SL-name).
Thank you all for using

Nov 06

Send an Instant Message to Zuhan Tomcat in-game, please.
Please, also use the new Email-Support-Service. (Check your online shopping bag.)

Apr 09

If you have any problem setting up your client you can now also send an IM to wolwerin Blackheart in-game.

Mrz 03

Please, join our group which is called „ SUPPORT“. See you there!

Or IM Zuhan Tomcat directly.

Nov 30

If you have any question you can now also ask Marsha Fizzle in-game.

Nov 22

[11:28] Zuhan Tomcat: hi does anybody know a windows shoutcast client which supports the mic and is for free?
[11:31] S. S.: there is a mic feature in winamp
[11:32] P. J.: some plugin for winamp i think too
[11:32] Joran Yoshikawa: Mh there is a plugin with micfeature in winamp
[11:32] Joran Yoshikawa: It is one of the shoutcast Streamers
[11:32] Joran Yoshikawa: let me check rea fast
[11:35] Joran Yoshikawa: this plugin features a mic support
[11:35] Joran Yoshikawa:

Nov 22

SL-resident Strahd Bandler now offers support for customers of

He is familiar with SAM, too, so if you have any question about the SAM broadcasting tool

let him know!

Nov 11

Please, let me know if you have any question.
You can send me an instant message in-game: Zuhan Tomcat.
Or post your question within this blog.