Nov 22

Publish some feedback here.

4 Responses to “Feedback is welcome!”

  1. Chrystal Bingyi Says:

    thx for givin us that streams :)) – i think i can say – they are the best cause i tried some before i came to you !

  2. Irkalla Caudron Says:

    Zuhan is awesome. When I got the stream he was right there asking me if I needed help or had any question. Although Strahd was helping me already I really appreciated that you didn’t just take mine monies and leave me to figure out it all on mine own. Truely great customer service is rare in both lives. Thanks Zuhan!

  3. Thom Martinsyde Says:

    streams always work, what more can I say?

    SL sometimes has trouble picking up the stream, but the stream itself has been very reliable for us.

  4. HotRodJohnny Gears Says:

    I moved to this server when my other server was unavailable for a whole weekend. This was easy to set-up and has been 100% reliable.

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