Feb 23

⚠ Please, switch to your backup server in case of emergency.

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Please, switch to your backup server in case of emergency.

PS: To switch to your backup server system simply change the server’s address. Same port. Same password.

Sep 21

Like SLS on Facebook

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Nov 06

On the marketplace…

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Sep 18 is back up online

Uncategorized Kommentare deaktiviert für is back up online
Sep 18 server outage

Uncategorized Kommentare deaktiviert für server outage

Please, switch to your backup server system. should be back online soon.

Sorry for that.

Jun 18

Apr 24

Get your own subdomain today! Simply send an instant message to ‚Zuhan Tomcat‘ ingame with your desired subdomain’s name.

Apr 17

Huds and shopping-bag-webpages are back.

Mrz 04 is also available via is available via is available via
And you can give our blog a visit via

Regards, your ingame support by\nZuhan Tomcat

Feb 11

SLStreaming offers the current stable SHOUTcast-server-version which is 1.9.8 and not the new beta.
So if you want to use the current winamp-plugin by shoutcast you have to enable the „legacy“ mode. So it should not ask for a username.
And yes, if you was unable to use your server you would get a refund!

Feb 06

Virtual world concerts, live performances, nightclubs and more. Explore the best in music and deejay culture in Second Life.

Aug 13

Wear it, touch an available server and choose the amount you want to spend.


You can even pay into each gift-card even if you do not own it. Simply choose your card’s id when you use the gift-card-service-terminal.
(Each gift-card has its own card-id.)

Nov 09 is dedicated to audio streaming within Second Life.